Friday, July 2, 2010

Date: Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 3:17 AM

HI THERE! Just for the record, I remember you nicely. Recently I knew about your choice of life (my life is built upon the words, so I don’t fear them: you being gay) and because of this I thought long and hard about you and the time we spent together.
When Manuel finally got to tell me about you openning to him I had the weird feeling that exists in the border of understanding and hesitation. Sadly, my latin-macho-man took a low blow, thinking of me of one of the last male having the pleasure of your lips (perhaps) but after that I have to confess that some part of me felt happy for you since you realized that making that choice may get you to happiness.
I hope you remember how I always have been a being divided, and in this case it was no exception. I felt divided between the time we spent together and the choice you have maid. Luckly, the best side of me won this inner battle and now I can say that I think this new spin of your life is going to be satisfactory for you. You, as I remember, were a person looking for something to light up your life (or is it “lite up your life” I don’t know wether my English is too poor or my Spanish in impossible to translate). Maybe, this was it, don’t you think?
Chela, my dearest Chela, uncorruputed musician, joyful nymphet, memoire of my happiest days between my youth and my adult life… I feel proud of you. I expected no less from a person such as your self like saying “this is me”. That’s what I keep saying to the freaking world, so, in such matter, I feel not only proud but respect for you,
Lovely, and still reminding you in the strings of a sad, lonely guitar, your dearest Fresh…

Atte. Luis

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